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Roller shutters are generally used for security on buildings and now becoming more popular on homes too. They can be fixed onto the outside of the building or built into the lintel above the window. Electically operated roller shutters are also available. Shutters and grilles are suitable for a multitude of aplications such as high street frontages, leisure facilities, offices, counter top protection, stadiums, shopping centres, warehouses and car parks. They offer protection and security to suit the needs of all types of business. Designed for internal and external use and commercial applications. Grilles and shutters designed for internal use are constructed from aluminium making them strong and secure, yet light and eas to operate. Traditional steel shutters, ideal for external applications are aestetically pleasing whist providing strong, robust security protection. Allows for manual or electic operation, vision ventilation or insulation panels and a full range of finishes. Colour coating can be added to steel or aluminium shutters.

Commercial Roller Shutter

Cross guard grilles can be made to meet your unique security requirements and can be fitted to almost any application. Cross guard grilles are manufactured using solid steel section to ensure maximum strength and reliability, providing both as an effective deterrant and extremly strong physical barrier to entry when a break in is attempted.

Mesh GrillMesh Grill

Steel doors can be used as fire doors and entry doors. Single skinned or double skinned steel doors are very effective for commercial and domestic premises. They are highly recommended by insurance companies as they are very secure.

Security Steel DoorSecurity Steel Door

Perforated lath roller shutters are an ideal way of securing premises such as shop fronts whilst maintaining the see through aspect when the shop is backlit. The shutters are robust and have a long life with little maintainence.

Perforated Steel Shutters

Built in shutters give all the benefits of easily operated security at night, but by day disappear leaving the building attractive and welcoming. Building the shutter box and guide rails into the wall during the construction or refurbishment achieves a neat finish and more importantly, high level of security. Window shutters are easy to operate from inside, manually or electrically. Where desirable punched or perforated slats can be added to provide varying levels of vision and light.

Built in Security ShutterBuilt in Security Shutter

This system has been tetsed by fire insurers research and testing organisation. Steel shutters can provide a fire break for up to 4 hours and are suitable for commercial, retail and industrial applications. Shutters are fitted with a unique curtain support rail to aid smoke containment and therefore aiding evacuation and the reduction of smoke damage. Activation can be manual, electric or automatic.

Fire Proof Steel Shutter

Supplied and fitted commercial and home safes to meet individual demands.


Static and collapsible bollards provide a strong visual deterrant and are widely used in domestic and commercial premises.

Permanent security fencing offers the best defence against unwanted trespass and with your perimeter secure you can rest assured that your land and property is protected. Palisade security fencing comes as standard galvanised, or can be coloured as required. It is available in a range of sizes.

Palisade Fencing